STAND Bulletin 1.2

Wed 22 Jun 2011, 7:11 am by LUPIN

STAND Bulletin

Surprise Greetings members of STAND~

The STAND Bulletin is back! This time better than ever. If you're wondering where the previous one went, it was removed due to an attack made by no less than our favorite SOSHI FREAKS

It seems that word got out to our favorite fans that we recently re-opened memberships. They were quick to organize their pink mole of an army and invaded our forum. However all their efforts have been in vain thanks to the amazing mods and you, our awesome civil antis. Ever vigilant and alert, no spam post was left reported and unchecked by mods. Our favorite SONES were instantly banned.

But to prevent any more mess, we the staff have decided to close new registrations indefinitely. Our trusty ban hammer has asked for a vacation for being overworked.

To any SONES still lurking and planning to launch attacks, here's a word of advice:
STAND staff wrote:
-We're very flattered that you came all the way here. We guess you got tired and insecure in your own fandom to spend some time on us. We really had fun proving that until now, nothing has changed with the behavior of your fanclub and that your beloved group is still pretty much worthy of having us antis.

We also wonder where you got those gruesome and malicious images that you spammed here. By any chance were they stored next to your Soshi spazz folder? Oh you,,

And please, those browser attacks just show how you SONES can't fight fairly. We gave you a chance but you just proved how immature you are. Don't get all butthurt just because you can't win over an argument. This is our turf and no one's gonna agree with you. Don't come here with an agenda to change our minds. Each one has their own reasons of being a civil anti.

Lastly, we'd love it if you share this warning over twitter. You SONES make it so easy for us to track you down. Even using your own sissified usernames here~

In other news, mod positions are still open. Deadline of applications is at the end of the month. Please PM me for applications.

-STAND Staff


P.S. This post is brought to you by: Beautiful Legs Legend. We ♥ you Japan.

2010 GDA: Blatant Payoff by SME?

Sat 25 Dec 2010, 1:09 pm by queenbee

First International Anti-SNSD Forum - Portal Goldendiskaward2010gold

When the Golden Disk Award 2010 aired last 9th December, much debate came about as to the winners of the Disk Daesang Award and YEPP Popularity Award...

2010 Disk Daesang Award Winner: SNSD
2010 YEPP Popularity Award Winner: SNSD

And while Sones may say their girls deserved the win, another set of fans were left questioning the validity of said awards.

Since the introduction of SNSD, end of year award shows have started to be marred with politics and intrigues, such as 2008's GDA.

This year seems to have taken a turn for the worse as major awards were given to SNSD, while another group was left in the gutter and their fans in disbelief.

Let us start with the YEPP Popularity Award. It is clearly based on popularity votes which, according to the GDA website on the day of the actual award show, Shinee and Super Junior were comfortably leading the polls, and SNSD on a far third place.

First International Anti-SNSD Forum - Portal 86049027

However on the award night itself, the YEPP Popularity Award was given to Shinee and SNSD, with GDA's "excuse" of Suju already winning the Asia Popularity Award.
Therefore, the YEPP will go instead to the 3rd placer, never minding the 16% difference in scores.

A lamer "excuse" given by GDA was this year's supposed male/female category for the YEPP which, in all aspect, was NEVER mentioned in GDA' website.

Last year's YEPP Popularity Award winners were Shinee and Suju, ranking #1 and #2, respectively.

First International Anti-SNSD Forum - Portal Gda2009

As for the Daesang Award, people from the music industry, as well as media, were seeing Suju as the top contender for the much anticipated Daesang Award, and if so, will be 2 years in a row. Their basis were Hanteo charts' end of year ranking (from 100101 up to 101208) and the popularity votes which Suju was leading over SNSD.

First International Anti-SNSD Forum - Portal 89717475

First International Anti-SNSD Forum - Portal 53144389

So imagine ELF's shock upon the announcement of this year's Daesang Award winner. You can clearly hear the crowd's stunned silence after the MC announced the winner as "So Nyu Shi Dae".: